After a four and a half hour flight arriving before 7am, Day 1 was slightly rough, but the weather worked in our favor. There was a mix of sun and clouds and the temperature was not too cold. 

we first stopped about an hour from the airport to take a look at the ocean. It looked a lot like Maine in some ways, but with basalt sand and shorter seaweed. The crabs were different too. 


A couple of hours later, we arrived at Grabrok crater, one of three nearby craters that were the result of a fissure eruption 3400 years ago. It is a popular tourist destination, with a clear and easy trail leading to and around the rim.  


It was nice, but we were more interested in the other crater next door, so we wandered around until we found a makeshift trail that way  


Along the way continuing to our hotel, we stopped at one of the zillion waterfalls. Not yet sure if there are conservation rules about traipsing through the countryside, but for now we’re not overthinking it. 


scared some sheep across a bridge 


I like basalt a lot. Here is some basalt wrapped up like a little present for me  


after driving through lava and mountains, we entered fjord territory. We were tired and couldn’t really stop, but the views were pretty. 


 And then we arrived at lovely Siglufjördur, former hub of the herring industry.  


my favorite kind of hotel room is simple, white, clean, with big views. 


Good night